What is Vesda Air Sampling?

VESDA Air sampling is a unique highly sensitive smoke detecting system that can easily detect any potential-fire during its early stages. This kind of detector has been a part of the specialist fire-detection applications for more than twenty years. In fact many consider it the most advanced smoke detection system in the industry as it can detect smoke earlier than any conventional smoke detector.

How it works

The Vesda Air sampling system works by sucking in air from the environment using its aspirating pipe & fittings and then samples the air by passing it through its detection laser chamber. The air is then passed through the calibrated detection-chamber where it’s exposed to the laser light source. If smoke is in the room, then light will be scattered within the detection-chamber which will be instantly detected by a highly sensitive-receiver system. This detector will then communicate the information to the building’s fire management system or a fire-alarm control panel via its interface.

These detectors are normally installed in various rooms including archive stores, switch rooms, clean rooms, computer room and others. Generally, this system should be installed in the rooms where the business’s critical systems are installed or in use. Basically it should be installed in any room where extremely high smoke sensitivity detectors are needed.

Why use this system

The VESDA air sampling system is a perfect replacement for the conventional detectors in places where accessibility is an issue. Most conventional smoke detectors can become faulty and repairing them can be really dangerous and disruptive, but this is not the case with Vesda smoke detectors. This is because this system’s aspirating pipes will replace the smoke detectors.

Tips On How To Select The Best Fire Suppression Specialist

Choosing the best Fire suppression specialist is a challenge for many people. This is due to the fact that there are so many specialists to choose from. This means that a person should take their time to identify the best suppression company for them. Are you one of the individuals who require the services of such specialists? Here are some of the tips to help you choose the best specialist:

1.Take Referrals From The Experts

These are the individuals who know more about fire suppression. They can guide you on how to select the best specialist. Besides, they can introduce you to a specialist they know as they have been in the field for a longer period of time. With the experience and the know how of such experts, you will be assured of being introduced to the best specialist who can offer you amazing services.

2.Use The Internet to Compare Specialists.

Visit their website to see what deals they have to offer. You can visit the websites of all the available specialists and compare their services and price range. After comparing each company you will be able to choose the company offering the best services at the lowest rates.

3. Check out reviews from customers

This is a great way to help you select the best Fire suppression specialist. The best way to do this is to use the Internet and have a look through some review websites. If the comments from the customers are positive, then they are a good specialist to consider. If the customers’ comments and ratings are negative, then you can consider looking for another specialist.


Importance Of Room Integrity Testing

The integrity of the room holding a fire suppression system is important to the proper functioning of that particular device. The conditions in the room should keep the system safe and allow it to retain a fire adequately when a risk arises. Room integrity testing is a process carried out to ensure that the fire suppression device is protected in the most appropriate conditions.

What do fire suppression systems do? Fire suppression systems are meant to put out fires or contain them in the shortest time possible to avert serious damages. Modern fire suppression systems are automatic hence they put out fire as soon as they detect it, without any human intervention.

What does room integrity testing entail?

· During room integrity testing, the particular room is checked to make sure it is sealed properly. Proper sealing means that the room is sealed well enough to avoid any leaking of the suppressing agent. Any leaks may mean that in case of a fire, the system will lack enough suppressing agent to retain the fire.

· Also, the room is checked to ensure that it is not sealed too tightly. Extreme tightness will damage the room when the suppressive agent is released during a fire.

Modern room integrity testing does not require discharge of the gas to test the suppression’s capability to retain fire. It uses an enclosure system to calculate its effectiveness. After the test the engineer will either approve of the condition or advise on the changes to be made.

Room integrity testing should be done at least once a year to ensure the whole system will work efficiently in case of a fire. It is a very affordable process that will guarantee maximum safety of you and your business at any time. For the safety of your business, contact integrity engineers to carry out this procedure for you. One can’t do it themselves since it requires knowledge in this particular field. Plus, the whole process only takes an hour of your time.

VESDA Air Sampling Systems

VESDA is the abbreviation for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus. The VESDA Air Sampling system is, therefore, a highly sensitive smoke detection system. Such a system can detect fires long before the conventional smoke detectors would. These systems are usually installed in communication centres, computer rooms, switch rooms, data centres, clean rooms, and archive stores.

Being the most advanced equipment in the fire industry, VESDA is based on laser meaning that it is a very sensitive detector. They have been in operation for the past over 20 years and have received more certifications than any other smoke detecting equipment.

How It Works

The equipment draws in air through a network of pipes using a high efficacy aspirator. The air is then passed through a system of air sampling pipes. Inside each of these pipes, there is an airflow detector that senses any airflow changes. The air is passed through a chamber with laser detection. This serves to protect the optical faces within the detector from any kind of contamination.

Optimal positioning of the sensors and the use of stable Class one light sources ensures that the sensors achieve optimum results irrespective of the varying types of smokes. The external display system is meant to display any faults within the equipment. This means that all faults can easily be displayed on the screen using the VESDAnet, a fault-tolerant communication system.

Fire Solutions – What You Need To Know


The risk of a fire break out is always present, it would be silly to build a house or building without setting up a fire suppression solution beforehand. You will have already invested a lot of money into your house or building; the next logical step would be to spend a fraction of the building cost to invest in systems to protect it from potential fire risks. You would be putting lives at risk if you did not have the correct fire prevention and fire solution ready at all times.

According to statistics, fire has been responsible for more than £600 million worth of damages to business infrastructures in UK alone. If you do not protect your business from potential fire, then it may become statistic.

Fortunately, Aspect Fire Solutions are able to help you deal with this issue effectively. They offer fire suppression systems that are in full working order and top of the range. A responsive and first rate fire suppression system in your building can mean the difference between a business running smoothly and being closed due to fire damage.

Aspect Fire Solutions – Overview

In the UK, Aspect Fire Solutions are one of the top specialists when it comes to fire detection and suppression systems. They have a combined 60 years of experience in dealing with fire suppression and detection. Furthermore, they have an extensive network of experienced and qualified fire suppression engineers. Aspect Fire Solutions vows to deliver cost effective and practical fire protection and suppression for any business that wants to protect their investments from fire.

They fully abide with standards and regulations. All of the suppression work and installation are in-line with ISO 9001 standards and Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007. If peace of mind, protective lives and protecting your investment is important for you, then you can contact Aspect Fire Solutions for a quote.

Available Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Solutions From Aspect Fire Solutions

Fire Detection Systems and Alarms – They have fire suppression specialists that have designed fire detection systems from the conventional systems to a thorough and complete fire alarm systems with graphics capability. All systems are up to BS5839 standards.

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems – They have gaseous suppression systems such as CO2, INTERSAFE 300, ARGONITE, ARGOGEN, INGERGEN and FM200.

Emergency Lighting Systems – These lighting systems are mandatory for all structures in which people are employed. Aspect fire is able to provide advice and help when it comes to emergency lighting system installations.

Water Mist Systems – There are both low and high-pressure water mist systems that are designed specifically for fire suppression. The Aspect Fire specialists are able to provide you with advice as to which kind of systems are best for you.

Service And Maintenance Package – We understand that fire suppression system installation is only one part of the overall system. That is why Aspect fire offers 24/7 testing, maintenance and service for both existing and new fire detection and suppression systems. This will ensure that your fire suppression systems are in full working order in an unfortunate event of a fire break out.

The ANSUL R-102: Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Businesses need all kinds of insurance. For a catering business or a restaurant, one of the most common causes of misfortune is fire. This is mainly because kitchens contain hot stoves that are in uncomfortably close proximity with flammable material such as liquid cooking oil.

To lose your business to a fire breakout can be very costly not to mention emotionally demoralizing. This is why you need the ANSUL R-102. The R-102 is specifically designed for restaurant fire suppression. This system incorporates a highly flexible design that features an exceptionally effective ANSULEX liquid agent (low pH). Its design and make up ensures that it quickly suppresses flames as well as cooling off hot surfaces. It additionally generates a tough vapor that blankets the entire room ensuring that the fire cannot reignite.

The ANSUL R-102 is specifically designed to cater for areas that use ventilating equipment. This includes ducts, hoods, filters and plenums. It can also be used on grease extraction equipment as well as cooking equipment. These include fryers, range tops, griddles, broilers and so on. It is perfectly suited for busy restaurants and catering facilities such as fast food restaurants, diners, retail food courts, mobile food trucks, casinos, hotels, hospitals, schools, stadiums and generally any place that has an operational commercial kitchen.

The ANSUL R-102 is designed to cause no harm to your highly valued cooking utensils.

The ANSUL R-102 comes in two wonderful designs:

- The appliance specific design. This aims the nozzle only at the specific appliances and hazardous areas.

- The overlapping design. As the name suggests, the nozzles overlap and ensure that you have a fire free zone throughout the whole room.

Fire Suppression

Nowadays, considering the increase in combustible items surrounding such as IT systems that most people simply cannot do without and basic household items, the threat of a possible fire outbreak is higher than ever. As such, there is a need for fire suppression systems that can detect fires as well as putting them out in case of a fire breakout in your place of residence and work.

Types Of Fire Suppression Systems

Here are some of the best suppression systems and how they work in different types of situations.

1. Gas-Based Fire Suppression Systems – These fire systems use inert gases to suppress fires. They are one of the most relied on systems. One of the most common gases used is carbon dioxide. Other gases like argonite and inergen may also be used.

2. Powder-Based Fire Suppression Systems – A powder makes use of inert powder to suppress fire. Once fire is detected, the powder is discharged to cover the burning objects to suppress the fire.

3. Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems – This is a very popular and effective system for suppressing fire. As the name suggests, it uses water and mist to suppress fire. The water may be discharged at high or low pressures depending on the building’s setting.

How To Choose The Right Fire Suppression System

The effectiveness of a fire suppression system mainly depends on the building’s setting and what can cause a fire. As such, there are some factors to consider when choosing the suppression system to install within your building.

Before choosing a suppression system, it is wise to first understand all its features and exactly how it works. Next, you should consider the building’s setting and what could cause a fire. This is very important as some fire suppression systems cause more harm than good.

For instance, a gas-based system that relies on CO2 is not advisable for an occupied building as it may end up killing the occupants in the building since it works by eliminating oxygen, which supports fire but is also a basic need for survival.

A water mist fire suppression system would be a bad idea for building housing electronic equipment, as the water would end up damaging the equipment instead of protecting it.

It is also good to acknowledge the fact that not all buildings are built the same way. This may affect the way a fire suppression system works. As such, it is important that the system be installed in such a way that it works optimally in the specific building’s setting.

Different systems also come at different prices depending on the work involved in installation and the fire suppression agents they use. This matters, but it should not be a priority. Why? The loss you may end up incurring due to the fire may cost you more than the price of the system. What’s more, the value of your life and the lives of others in the building is priceless.

To be on the safe side, have the right fire suppression system installed in your premises to keep you, the people around you, and your property safe.