Fire Risk Assessment – A Fire Safety Measure for Each City Government

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement for any business because it is important for city governments to know how much fire risk your establishment has so they can make sure that fire safety measures are in place. First, you will be required to fill up a fire risk assessment form. This form will help you ensure that all possible fire risks in your establishment are listed. It will also guide you through the fire risk assessment process that you have to go through so the city government can give your business a clearance. Moreover, the form will serve as a record that you have indeed gone through the fire risk assessment and have put fire safety measures in place.

Filling Out the Fire Risk Assessment Form

The fire risk assessment form should contain basic information like your name, your businesses name, the address of the business and the date of the assessment. Usually the form has six columns wherein you will record all the possible fire hazards in your establishment and any people that may be affected by a possible fire. Here, you will also record the fire safety measures that you have already put or plan to put in place. This form has to be signed by the owner of the business prior to submission.

What Happens Next?

Usually a representative from the city government will come and visit to check your establishment especially if it is considered a high risk fire hazard. This representative will check if everything written in the assessment are indeed fire hazards. He will also check if there are other hazards that were missed. Aside from this, the representative will also check if the fire safety measures that you claimed to be available are actually there. One very common fire safety measure is having a fire extinguisher available near high fire risk areas. Another common fire safety measure is the availability of fire exits.

When the city government representative sees that everything is in order, he will affix his signature on the form. This means that the whole process of fire risk assessment is complete. A copy of the form will be filed in the city hall while the original will be left with you to serve as proof that you did undergo the process and that you were cleared by the fire safety department of the city government. This means that you may then continue your business in its present area.

Need a Hand?

The fire risk assessment has been a requirement since 2005 under the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order. If you feel that you are not qualified to do the fire risk assessment, there are many fire safety experts that would be willing to do it for you for a minimal fee. There is no level of experience required to assess fire risks so if your business is rather simple and you have enough stock knowledge about fire safety, you can go ahead and do it yourself.

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