Fire Safety During Holidays

Fire safety should always be practiced specially during holidays. Holidays are supposed to be happy times and a fire that will devastate and even harm people is unwelcome. There are many fire hazards during holidays. Below are some of the fire hazards that people should be aware of so fire safety measures may be practiced or put in place.

Fire Safety During Christmas 

A common fire hazard during Christmas is the Christmas tree. In the U.S. alone, around 200 fires are caused by burning Christmas trees because fire safety measures were taken for granted. To prevent Christmas trees from catching fire, make sure that they are well watered and that open flames from candles are kept at a distance. If possible never use candles to light your tree.

At times, the causes of fire are the decorative Christmas lights that are hung around the tree. The decorative lights should only be left on when there are people in the house who are awake. They should be turned off by the last person who will go to bed. Some fires are caused by faulty plugs or faulty wiring. Materials that burn should not be placed near the wires or plugs.

This may seem like an impossible task because it is tradition that presents are placed under the tree where the wires are. Perhaps the wires can be put in an enclosure that can be bought in any hardware. As an extra fire safety measure, make sure that a fire extinguisher is nearby and that all members of the household know how to use it.

Fire Safety During Halloween

Most Halloween decors are fire hazards. Those fake cobwebs and the stuffing for zombies, ghouls and other monsters are only some of the common fire hazards during Halloween. Some people would rather create their own paper mache decor wherein they use a lot of flammable materials like glues and paints.

During Halloween, people would always want use candles to light their “haunted” homes. Candles are, after all, spookier. Make sure that candle holders are strong and sturdy. Keep candles away from décor that will easily burn. Candles should not be left to burn overnight. A fire extinguisher should also be nearby.

Fire Safety During The New Year and Independence Day

In the U.S. nearly 10,000 people are injured by fireworks and nearly 5,000 people are injured by grill fires. It is best that people visit community firework displays instead. If you are in a place where using fireworks is not illegal, make sure that you light fireworks using a candle. Make sure you wet the surrounding area of the spot where you will light your fireworks. Lastly, make sure fireworks are secure and that they will not shoot off in unwanted directions.

Fire Safety During Thanksgiving

Fires during thanksgiving happen when turkeys are deep fried. Often, people miscalculate and put too much oil. Once the turkey is submerged, the oil spills out making the stove burst instantly into flames. Flames on stoves may be extinguished with baking soda and of course a fire extinguisher.

Nobody wants to lose their belongings because of a fire. Moreover, nobody wants to get injured because of a fire. Fire safety should always be practiced specially on holidays.

To help keep your family safe for the holidays check out this site on fire suppression specialists.


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