Fire Safety in Forests and Mountains

Wildfires or forest fires are very difficult to control so it is important that people who trek, camp or even live in the forests practice fire safety all the time. A big uncontrollable fire can be caused by campfires that are unattended or left behind. It can also be caused by a discarded lit cigarette or fire related accidents that happen in homes. There are many dry leaves and branches in forests that easily catch fire. Every year, millions of acres of woodland burn in the U.S. alone.

Fire Management

"Another enemy to conquer forest fires&qu...

“Another enemy to conquer forest fires” – NARA – 513861 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are several things that have to be considered when a fire is reported. Saving human life is always the top consideration. Other things that should be considered are the structures that are threatened by the fire, the weather, the wind direction, the behavior of the flames and the future developments for the area. Different fires are managed in different ways. Fire fighters will respond to different fires in different ways.

Learning Fire Safety To Reduce Wildfires

Nowadays many people choose to build their homes in rural settings such as forests and mountains so they can enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature. People can continue to enjoy nature at its finest by learning how to reduce the risk of having forest fires and by having fire safety measures in place. In the past decade, most of the largest fires happened in forests. Thousands of homes were destroyed, people have died and hundreds were injured. If people only practiced fire safety then perhaps there would have been fewer casualties.

The 30 FT. Radius

Ideally homeowners should clear all flammable vegetation and foliage surrounding their homes to up to 30 feet away on all sides. Planting should be done outside of the 30 ft. radius. In case a fire breaks out due to whatever reason, the home and those living in it will hopefully not be reached by the fire. Having homes in the center of this radius will also protect the forest because in case there is a fire in the house, the chances are slim that it will reach the surrounding forest.

Spacing In Between Vegetation

When clearing 30 ft. around the house is not possible due to limited land ownership or the terrain, it would be wise to space out plants horizontally and vertically. The amount of space will depend on the size of the plants and the slope of the ground if the property is on a hill or mountain side. Do not put any plants under any trees. It is likely that trees will burn if there is an uncontrolled fire underneath.

Be Careful in Using Garden Equipment

A simple spark when using garden equipment like lawnmowers or hedge trimmers can start a fire. It is best to use string trimmers instead.

Install Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms around your property and in your own house greatly reduce the risk of anybody getting hurt during a fire. Wildfires spread fast so upon hearing the alarm, people should detect where the fire is and run to the opposite direction.

To prevent fires in your home please use fire suppression specialists which can be found in the link.


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