Fire Safety for Fire Service Professionals

One of the most important concerns for a community is fire safety. Everybody is made aware of the many hazards of fire breakouts and information campaigns are often done. Kids, teens, and adults are taught what to do to prevent the occurrence of fire and what to do when an emergency concerning fire safety happens. For most accidents, fire and rescue service personnel are the ones who handle it because they are the best equipped to handle the job.

Firefighters are among those who regularly show people how to prevent fires and they are the ones who assist during emergencies. There are those who train long and hard so that when an accident happens they are ready. Simulated fires are done so they can learn what really happens and how fires and flames behave.

Even with proper and extensive training, a lot of firefighters still end up injured – or worse, some lose their lives. This is because of factors that cannot be controlled and some that can be controlled but are not. Fire safety lies in properly controlling all possible factors.

Real Lives at Risk

The reality is that a lot of firefighters still lose their lives. This is because of poor working conditions and lack of proper fire safety awareness. Statistics say that approximately 100 lives are lost yearly in the line of duty. While the number goes down, efforts still have to be made to drive it down further. It should be noted that fire departments are actively pursuing ways to protect the firefighters through any way possible.

It Starts at the Top

One area identified as a very important source of change in fire safety for professionals is management. For every philosophy and attitude to work, management of an agency or department should always give direction. Without proper management, the department personnel will not function efficiently.

It is the management who will also directly influence the attitude of all personnel. This includes discipline and all the accompanying mental and emotional conditions that a fire service professional needs to properly dispense his duties. There needs to be a positive attitude regarding fire safety for both management and personnel so that risk of death and injury can be driven down further.

The Want to Do Good

Motivation is a key area where improvements can start and continue. It is important that everyone is motivated to observe and carry out fire safety procedures, protocols, and policies. Officers should be motivated to protect subordinates directly and by passing on a positive motivation to excel. There should be a positive cooperation between the officers, instructors, and management to make sure any information and message regarding fire safety is distributed well.

Eliminate Aggressive Ignorance

One of the more important attitudes that should be eliminated is active and aggressive ignorance. This is the willful taking of risks by ignoring necessary safety precautions. There is a big difference between aggressive risk taking and recklessness in fire safety. For true fire safety to happen, risk should always be the last resort.

For more information please check out this link on nationwide room integrity testing  for your suppression system.


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