Keeping Your Home Safe with Practical Fire Safety Tips

One of the leading causes of fires is the lack of awareness in homes and residential areas. As of date, there have been reported cases that residential fires have damaged properties and killed over 3,000 residents in this year alone. These incidents could have been prevented if there was fire safety awareness in the household. To prevent these incidents you can also check out Aspect Fire Solutions for products and fire safety tips.

English: Photo by Myke Waddy,August 21st 2006,...

English: Photo by Myke Waddy,August 21st 2006, empty fire extinguisher a safety hazard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There are basic steps and tips that should be noted to ensure that your home is prepared for possible instances that a fire might start.


Smoke Detectors – whether you have a small or a large home, it is important that you install smoke detectors. This is one of the most basic and most effective ways to alert the people of your household for instances of fire. Smoke detectors have saved more lives because of the “awareness” that they provided. As a homeowner, make sure that you install a fire detector in every floor of your house. It is also important that you install fire detectors within the immediate vicinity of bedrooms to heighten awareness to the occupants of your home. These fire detectors should be tested at least once a month to ensure that they are in working order.



Escape Plan – Another important factor that you should consider is developing an escape plan to ensure fire safety. Talk this over with your family in detail. In planning, you need to establish at least two routes as means of escape. This applies to every room in your house. Consider purchasing a fire ladder as part of your fire safety measures established. Establish a fire safety plan in cases where there is an uncontrollable fire within your home.



In cases of fire, make sure that you check doors and knobs before opening them. In cases where there is smoke buildup, crawl on the floor to stay out of the range of the smoke and to eliminate any possibility of smoke inhalation. Make sure that you take note of the closest possible exit as part of your escape route.



One of the best ways to ensure safety within the home is to not just talk about it, but to practice it. A fire drill is an effective way in making sure that all of the plans are set and that everybody in your house is aware of what needs to be done in cases of fire. You can set fire drills at least once or twice a year as part of your fire safety awareness program for your home.



Fire Extinguisher – may your house be big or small, it is important that you have fire extinguishers available throughout your house. These are critical may in cases where there are fires within the household. It is a practical step to always keep one in your kitchen since this is where most household fires start. If you have a workshop, make sure that you have one there as well. The garage is another place where you should keep a fire extinguisher since this is the second most common place where a fire starts.



Teach your family on how to operate and use a fire extinguisher so that in cases where a fire starts, they will be able to handle the situation expeditiously. Take note of the expiration date of your fire extinguisher to ensure maximum safety within your home. Remember that fire safety and awareness is important and it should start at home.



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