All about VESDA Air Sampling Systems

VESDA is an abbreviation for Very Early Smoke Detection. This is an air sampling system that employs laser technology for high sensitivity smoke detection. VESDA air sampling systems can detect any traces of fire at very early stages, something that traditional or conventional smoke detectors cannot achieve.

VESDA is not that new. The system has been in operation for a number of years now, but earlier VESDA systems were only used in specialist fire detection. Nowadays; however, the spectrum of its usage has widened to include non-specialist fire detection for a number or installations. In other words, the VESDA air sampling system is currently used in all settings that are at a high risk of catching fire.

How Does The System Work?

Smoke detector

Smoke detector (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As already mentioned, VESDA uses laser technology to detect smoke. Its mechanism of active resembles that of regular vacuum cleaners. Through its purpose-built aspirating pipe, the system sucks in air from the protected area. Inside, there is a laser chamber, which samples the quality of the air passing through it.

If traces of smoke are detected, then the system sends appropriate signals via its alarm system for response. With this, the VESDA air sampling system can detect even the slightest traces of smoke emanating from a protected area. Those responsible can then find a way to deal with the source of the fire before it can worsen to disastrous levels.

The VESDA detection is available in four different ranges. These include VESDA Laser Focus range, VESDA Laser Compact range, VESDA Laser Plus range and finally the VESDA Laser Scanner. The difference between systems is the level of detection they can achieve with VESDA Laser Focus being the most basic and VESDA Laser Scanner being the most advanced.

Where Is VESDA Air Sampling Systems Used?

The most common places these systems are installed are places with electronic equipment that can catch fire due to short circuits and power shorts. These areas include computer rooms, data centres, clean rooms, communication centres, archive rooms and switch rooms.

You can realize that these are the areas high value; commercial critical systems are used and usually interfaced with systems for fire suppression. The other important settings in which this kind of sampling system is used are manufacturing facilities and high bay warehouses.

The benefits of VESDA air sampling system include lower maintenance cost, efficiency and reliability in early detection of potential fire compared with detection at the beam stage. This can save lives and property from loss in undetected fires.


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