Water Mist Fire Suppression

Water mist fire suppression is a highly versatile and an efficient fire-fighting medium. The main difference between a water mist system and a traditional water-based system is its’ reduced droplet-size. When a water droplet vaporizes, it normally expands by 1,600 times, because heat-absorption is the function of surface-area, not the volume, smaller water droplets mean more surface-area hence faster heat-absorption. A water-mist system can serve in a wide-variety of places especially where gas-suppression or traditional-sprinklers are not practical or suitable, these include; shopping centers, petrol stations, hotels, hospitals, data centers, care homes and may more.

Water mist has a unique-ability or feature to release water-droplets as a fine-atomized mist. The mist is then quickly-converted to steam that smothers the fire which in turn prevents any further oxygen or air reaching the fire. The evaporation also creates a cooling effect of combustion-gases, which blocks or stops transfer of radiant-heat. The water mist system-combines the fire-suppression properties of both the conventional water based Deluge or sprinkler systems and the gaseous fire-suppression systems.

Utilizing the unique-properties of Water mist, Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions have developed both a low-pressure and a high-pressure version of Water-Mist delivering system. Branded as ProtectoMist Low-pressure water-mist and MicroDrop High-Pressure water mist, both of these systems have unique-features and unique benefits which are designed to combat a wide-variety of specific fire risks.

The Low-pressure water-mist systems [also abbreviated as, LPWM system] consist of storage tanks and low-pressure pumps, they normally use more-water than the high pressure water systems [HPWM] although significantly much less than the traditional sprinkler systems.
Due to the lower-pressures involved, the pipe-work installation can be carried-out using different materials like copper pipes and even special plastic pipe-work.

The High-pressure water mist-systems [HPWM] consist of high-pressure pumps and storage-tanks or water cylinders and pressurized nitrogen-cylinders to discharge water. Installation is carried-out utilizing small-bore stainless steel pipe-work and high-pressure discharge-nozzles. They only use small water quantities and they are much more expensive to install than the low pressure-water mist systems.


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