The FM-200 Fire Suppression System

When it comes to fire suppression systems, the FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems are some of the best. They are clean and fast extinguishing agents that are accepted the world over. The FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems are approved for indoor use and can be deployed in occupied areas. This is great for places that take personnel safety very seriously. Stored in cylinders as a pressurized liquid, it is discharged through an intricate piping network that goes into the designated area.

How it works

Its main working mechanism is extinguishing the fire by absorbing the heat and causing a chemical reaction with the fire. It does not conduct electricity and it is absolutely non-corrosive. On top of all that, it does not leave any oily deposit or residue. It is very easy to clean and takes very little time especially when it is combined with a reliable post discharge extract system.


This fire extinguishing system can be used to various occupied areas which include:- Data centers and computer suites- Enclosures for gas turbines- Enclosures for telecommunication- data storage facilities such as archives, museums and Power generation plants

The following features make these systems some of the best in the world:

– The gaseous fire protection is colorless as well as odorless- It is completely safe to use in occupied areas such as office suites- These systems are also suitable to use in areas that can be considered critical risk areas- The system requires a very small designated storage area. This system also has a no ozone depleting potential- these systems have been approved for class a&b fires.

When it comes to fire suppression systems, you want something that is not only effective and efficient, but also safe to use within enclosed, occupied spaces. That is what these systems offer you. They are safe, effective, and approved for use within enclosed spaces. It is however paramount that the proper service and maintenance be carried out every so often to ensure that these systems are in good working condition. You need proper in house system’s integrity testing as well as liquid level testing. These all have to be done by an accredited fire solutions company. The FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems work for you, make sure that you have taken all the necessary steps to make that work effective.


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