Fire Suppression

Nowadays, considering the increase in combustible items surrounding such as IT systems that most people simply cannot do without and basic household items, the threat of a possible fire outbreak is higher than ever. As such, there is a need for fire suppression systems that can detect fires as well as putting them out in case of a fire breakout in your place of residence and work.

Types Of Fire Suppression Systems

Here are some of the best suppression systems and how they work in different types of situations.

1. Gas-Based Fire Suppression Systems – These fire systems use inert gases to suppress fires. They are one of the most relied on systems. One of the most common gases used is carbon dioxide. Other gases like argonite and inergen may also be used.

2. Powder-Based Fire Suppression Systems – A powder makes use of inert powder to suppress fire. Once fire is detected, the powder is discharged to cover the burning objects to suppress the fire.

3. Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems – This is a very popular and effective system for suppressing fire. As the name suggests, it uses water and mist to suppress fire. The water may be discharged at high or low pressures depending on the building’s setting.

How To Choose The Right Fire Suppression System

The effectiveness of a fire suppression system mainly depends on the building’s setting and what can cause a fire. As such, there are some factors to consider when choosing the suppression system to install within your building.

Before choosing a suppression system, it is wise to first understand all its features and exactly how it works. Next, you should consider the building’s setting and what could cause a fire. This is very important as some fire suppression systems cause more harm than good.

For instance, a gas-based system that relies on CO2 is not advisable for an occupied building as it may end up killing the occupants in the building since it works by eliminating oxygen, which supports fire but is also a basic need for survival.

A water mist fire suppression system would be a bad idea for building housing electronic equipment, as the water would end up damaging the equipment instead of protecting it.

It is also good to acknowledge the fact that not all buildings are built the same way. This may affect the way a fire suppression system works. As such, it is important that the system be installed in such a way that it works optimally in the specific building’s setting.

Different systems also come at different prices depending on the work involved in installation and the fire suppression agents they use. This matters, but it should not be a priority. Why? The loss you may end up incurring due to the fire may cost you more than the price of the system. What’s more, the value of your life and the lives of others in the building is priceless.

To be on the safe side, have the right fire suppression system installed in your premises to keep you, the people around you, and your property safe.


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