The ANSUL R-102: Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Businesses need all kinds of insurance. For a catering business or a restaurant, one of the most common causes of misfortune is fire. This is mainly because kitchens contain hot stoves that are in uncomfortably close proximity with flammable material such as liquid cooking oil.

To lose your business to a fire breakout can be very costly not to mention emotionally demoralizing. This is why you need the ANSUL R-102. The R-102 is specifically designed for restaurant fire suppression. This system incorporates a highly flexible design that features an exceptionally effective ANSULEX liquid agent (low pH). Its design and make up ensures that it quickly suppresses flames as well as cooling off hot surfaces. It additionally generates a tough vapor that blankets the entire room ensuring that the fire cannot reignite.

The ANSUL R-102 is specifically designed to cater for areas that use ventilating equipment. This includes ducts, hoods, filters and plenums. It can also be used on grease extraction equipment as well as cooking equipment. These include fryers, range tops, griddles, broilers and so on. It is perfectly suited for busy restaurants and catering facilities such as fast food restaurants, diners, retail food courts, mobile food trucks, casinos, hotels, hospitals, schools, stadiums and generally any place that has an operational commercial kitchen.

The ANSUL R-102 is designed to cause no harm to your highly valued cooking utensils.

The ANSUL R-102 comes in two wonderful designs:

– The appliance specific design. This aims the nozzle only at the specific appliances and hazardous areas.

– The overlapping design. As the name suggests, the nozzles overlap and ensure that you have a fire free zone throughout the whole room.


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