Fire Solutions – What You Need To Know


The risk of a fire break out is always present, it would be silly to build a house or building without setting up a fire suppression solution beforehand. You will have already invested a lot of money into your house or building; the next logical step would be to spend a fraction of the building cost to invest in systems to protect it from potential fire risks. You would be putting lives at risk if you did not have the correct fire prevention and fire solution ready at all times.

According to statistics, fire has been responsible for more than £600 million worth of damages to business infrastructures in UK alone. If you do not protect your business from potential fire, then it may become statistic.

Fortunately, Aspect Fire Solutions are able to help you deal with this issue effectively. They offer fire suppression systems that are in full working order and top of the range. A responsive and first rate fire suppression system in your building can mean the difference between a business running smoothly and being closed due to fire damage.

Aspect Fire Solutions – Overview

In the UK, Aspect Fire Solutions are one of the top specialists when it comes to fire detection and suppression systems. They have a combined 60 years of experience in dealing with fire suppression and detection. Furthermore, they have an extensive network of experienced and qualified fire suppression engineers. Aspect Fire Solutions vows to deliver cost effective and practical fire protection and suppression for any business that wants to protect their investments from fire.

They fully abide with standards and regulations. All of the suppression work and installation are in-line with ISO 9001 standards and Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007. If peace of mind, protective lives and protecting your investment is important for you, then you can contact Aspect Fire Solutions for a quote.

Available Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Solutions From Aspect Fire Solutions

Fire Detection Systems and Alarms – They have fire suppression specialists that have designed fire detection systems from the conventional systems to a thorough and complete fire alarm systems with graphics capability. All systems are up to BS5839 standards.

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems – They have gaseous suppression systems such as CO2, INTERSAFE 300, ARGONITE, ARGOGEN, INGERGEN and FM200.

Emergency Lighting Systems – These lighting systems are mandatory for all structures in which people are employed. Aspect fire is able to provide advice and help when it comes to emergency lighting system installations.

Water Mist Systems – There are both low and high-pressure water mist systems that are designed specifically for fire suppression. The Aspect Fire specialists are able to provide you with advice as to which kind of systems are best for you.

Service And Maintenance Package – We understand that fire suppression system installation is only one part of the overall system. That is why Aspect fire offers 24/7 testing, maintenance and service for both existing and new fire detection and suppression systems. This will ensure that your fire suppression systems are in full working order in an unfortunate event of a fire break out.


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