Importance Of Room Integrity Testing

The integrity of the room holding a fire suppression system is important to the proper functioning of that particular device. The conditions in the room should keep the system safe and allow it to retain a fire adequately when a risk arises. Room integrity testing is a process carried out to ensure that the fire suppression device is protected in the most appropriate conditions.

What do fire suppression systems do? Fire suppression systems are meant to put out fires or contain them in the shortest time possible to avert serious damages. Modern fire suppression systems are automatic hence they put out fire as soon as they detect it, without any human intervention.

What does room integrity testing entail?

· During room integrity testing, the particular room is checked to make sure it is sealed properly. Proper sealing means that the room is sealed well enough to avoid any leaking of the suppressing agent. Any leaks may mean that in case of a fire, the system will lack enough suppressing agent to retain the fire.

· Also, the room is checked to ensure that it is not sealed too tightly. Extreme tightness will damage the room when the suppressive agent is released during a fire.

Modern room integrity testing does not require discharge of the gas to test the suppression’s capability to retain fire. It uses an enclosure system to calculate its effectiveness. After the test the engineer will either approve of the condition or advise on the changes to be made.

Room integrity testing should be done at least once a year to ensure the whole system will work efficiently in case of a fire. It is a very affordable process that will guarantee maximum safety of you and your business at any time. For the safety of your business, contact integrity engineers to carry out this procedure for you. One can’t do it themselves since it requires knowledge in this particular field. Plus, the whole process only takes an hour of your time.


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