What is Vesda Air Sampling?

VESDA Air sampling is a unique highly sensitive smoke detecting system that can easily detect any potential-fire during its early stages. This kind of detector has been a part of the specialist fire-detection applications for more than twenty years. In fact many consider it the most advanced smoke detection system in the industry as it can detect smoke earlier than any conventional smoke detector.

How it works

The Vesda Air sampling system works by sucking in air from the environment using its aspirating pipe & fittings and then samples the air by passing it through its detection laser chamber. The air is then passed through the calibrated detection-chamber where it’s exposed to the laser light source. If smoke is in the room, then light will be scattered within the detection-chamber which will be instantly detected by a highly sensitive-receiver system. This detector will then communicate the information to the building’s fire management system or a fire-alarm control panel via its interface.

These detectors are normally installed in various rooms including archive stores, switch rooms, clean rooms, computer room and others. Generally, this system should be installed in the rooms where the business’s critical systems are installed or in use. Basically it should be installed in any room where extremely high smoke sensitivity detectors are needed.

Why use this system

The VESDA air sampling system is a perfect replacement for the conventional detectors in places where accessibility is an issue. Most conventional smoke detectors can become faulty and repairing them can be really dangerous and disruptive, but this is not the case with Vesda smoke detectors. This is because this system’s aspirating pipes will replace the smoke detectors.


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