A Review of The Fire Suppression Systems FM200

FM-200 refers to a fast and clean agent for extinguishing fire that is accepted world over. It is the most suitable agent to provide protection in areas that are mostly enclosed. They are mainly preferred for use in areas that the safety of personnel is important. It is usually stored as a liquid in cylinders that are packed under pressure and this requires small “footprint” storage. It is mainly discharged using a pipe when it is being used in areas that are protected.

How does it work?
It is able to extinguish fire mainly using its ability to absorb heat as well as undergoing chemical reaction at the front of the flame. These two properties enable it to extinguish fire in a fast manner and hence protects the enclosed areas from suffering huge damages that would have been caused by the fire. It is also advantageous in that it is a poor conductor of electricity and it is also non-corrosive. When it is used it does not leave any oily deposits or residue. If it is used together with a post discharge system of extraction, the time used to clean up the area is greatly reduced.

The amazing features
The FM-200 has several features that enable it carry out its functions easily and in an efficient manner. Some of the features include:
• Odorless, colorless and gaseous fire suppression
• It is safe for use in areas that are occupied or busy
• It requires a small storage area
• It is ideal to be used in areas considered to be of a critical risk
• It does not contain elements that have a potential to deplete the ozone layer
• It is approved to be used in the fight against class A and B fires
• It has been proven through the huge number of installations done worldwide

It is essential to use in the following areas;
• Data centres and computer suites
• Power generation plants
• Archives, Museums and archives
• Enclosures housing telecommunications and gas turbines
In order to ensure that the FM-200 fire suppression systems are able to work efficiently, one ought to ensure that they are regularly serviced and proper maintenance practices are well observed. These ought to be carried out according to the recommendations provided by the set relevant standards for the systems. They should also be inspected regularly by qualified fire suppression systems specialists so as to ascertain that their liquid levels are at the required levels for them to perform well in case of a fire disaster.

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