Fire Suppression Systems – FM 200

FM 200 is a colorless, environmentally friendly and clean fire suppression agent that’s electrically non conductive and is safe for humans. FM 200 extinguishes flames mainly through heat-absorption and leaves no residue, which minimizes the down-time after a fire. FM 200 suppression-systems are respected and accepted worldwide with over 100, 0000 installations in many different countries. It’s stored under pressure as-a liquid in cylinders, and will only require a small storage “foot-print.” It’s discharged via a piping network to the protected area.

How It Works
It mainly extinguishes fires through absorption of heat and a chemical-reaction at the flames’ front. It’s electrically non-conductive & non corrosive, and leaves no oily deposits or residue. If complimented with a post-discharge extract system, the clean-up time is basically kept to minimum.

-Colorless, odorless, gaseous fire-suppression
-It’s safe for human use in busy areas
-It’s ideal for all areas of critical-risk
-It requires a small storage area
-It has a zero ozone depleting-potential
-It is approved for use-on class A and B fires

-Data centers and computer suites
-Gas turbine-enclosures
-Telecommunications enclosures
-Data storage, archives and museums
-Power generation

Phoenix FM-200 Layout

The key advantage of using FM 200 fire suppression-system, is the small-amount of agent that’s required to suppress fires. This basically means fewer cylinders are needed, thus less wastage of storage space.

FM 200 systems can reach extinguishing-levels in just 10 seconds or even less, stopping the ordinary electrical, combustible, and flammable liquid-fires before they can cause any significant damage. FM 200 will extinguish a fire quickly, meaning there will be less damage and lower repair costs.

FM 200 is classified as a clean-agent meaning that it can be used in occupied spaces/areas. The safety of FM 200 fire suppression-environments has been proven for over-a-decade of real world experience and has been validated by scientific studies. The system takes up less storage area than most of the other fire suppressants. It doesn’t deplete stratospheric-ozone, and has little/minimal impact on our environment.


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