Top Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are becoming increasingly famous all around the world due to their outstanding benefits. Based upon the principle: “Prevention is much better than a cure”, these modern systems provide fast, on-site protection from fire, allowing for immediate response during those initial critical minutes.

Fire suppression systems are made up of several mechanical and electrical components, including the control panel, audible alarms, smoke detection and fire suppression cylinder.

How does a Fire suppression System Work?

This system works in three ways. First and foremost, it detects smoke. Next on, it uses a powerful Oxygen reduction system combined with a heat removal system to reduce oxygen levels by 12-14% and reduce heat by around 6%. A combination of electronic sounders and bells are connected to the control panel, so when the system detects smoke, the alarm goes off. It takes about 30 seconds for the fire suppression agent to be discharged.

FM-200 fire suppression system at NERSC

Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems

As an increasing number of companies are using these systems to protect their buildings and employees, it is worth studying the benefits of a fire suppression system.

  • Safe & Very Easy to Use: these systems are specially designed to activate automatically, which means they do not require human intervention. However, they offer a manual override option in certain cases of emergency.
  • Early Detection: compared to the previous generation of fire detection systems, these modern fire suppression devices offer immediate response to fire and smoke.
  • Eliminate Fuel Sources: the electrical or fuel source of a fire contained within equipment will more than often continue to feed the fire long after it has been ignited. A huge benefit of fire suppression systems is that they eliminate this fuel source automatically due to the powerful agents used.
  • Can be Used Almost Everywhere: fire suppression limited systems can be installed in almost any environment, from simple storage units to archive centres, telecommunication or computer servers. Companies can choose either of the two types of fire suppression systems: synthetic agent or inert gas. Regardless of the choice, the system operates efficiently to protect the property and the lives of the employees.
  •  Tested to Ensure Success & Pre-Engineered: all of these systems are tested in stringent laboratories, being designed to comply with all fire & safety regulations. These devices are pre-tested to extinguish any type of fire.


The Bottom Line

Fire Suppression Systems are definitely the hot trend in the business world, both in the UK and in the US.


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