Month: October 2015

The Fire Triangle

Within nearly every environment there is enough oxygen for people to live normally but this also means there is the risk of a fire breaking out. A fire wont stop burning unless the oxygen level is decreased or something is done to rapidly decrease the heat. A fire will not and cannot continue to burn if there is no longer a fuel source present.

There are three things that must be present for a fire to start and those are heat, oxygen and fuel, and these are referred to as the Fire Triangle.

The first element on the fire triangle is heat, which is the component that ignites the fire. This can be anything from cigarettes that haven’t been disposed of properly to faulty electrics.

The second element of the fire triangle is fuel, things that can fuel a fire are paper, wood, cardboard, gas and many more. To help prevent fires make sure waste is disposed of properly and flammable materials should be stored safely and clearly marked.

The third element that makes up the fire triangle is oxygen, which everyone knows is what we as humans need to survive. There isn’t really anything that can do about oxygen but there are steps that can be taken so that if a fire was to start it’s not able to spread far.

A fire can be prevented or extinguished by removing one of the three elements of the fire triangle. An example of this would be covering a fire with a fire blanket, which removes the oxygen meaning the fire cannot continue to burn.