Reliable Ansul R-102 Kitchen Suppression Systems!

There are several different kinds of kitchen fire suppression systems available in the market today. The Ansul R-102 Kitchen Suppression Systems have now become synonymous with supreme quality and reliability! They have been the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fire suppressants for nearly two decades. Professional designers and product installers of the Ansul R-102 system within the UK, are able to offer high quality fitting services.

Ansul R-102 Kitchen Suppression Systems

The Ansul R-102 fire suppression system continues to remain the market leader, protecting the modern day kitchen equipments. This popular system is being widely used in today’s kitchens, especially commercial kitchens. Keep in mind, commercial kitchens need a suppression system since they contain high flammable goods like cooking oils, cookers, microwaves as well as deep fat fryers and more.

English: Ansul fire suppression system in the ...

English: Ansul fire suppression system in the Fawcett Memorial Hosptial cafeteria, Port Charlotte, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

R-102 System Designs

The R-102 systems are cooking equipment friendly. These are being offered in two styles; An appliance-Specific design and an Overlapping design. The appliance-specific style aims the nozzle at a specific hazard area of each appliance. The overlapping design offers unique nozzle arrangement that allows overlapping and provides fire-free zones within an appliance group.

Need For Kitchen Suppression Systems

Every house and building requires some type of fire suppression system or fire detection in place. Most houses will have some kind of a smoke detector installed as a standard appliance. A smoke detector is able to easily detect any smoke inside a home. When this system detects smoke, it will alert everyone to evacuate the building by making an alarm alert sound. It will also alert the fire department.

Installation And Servicing Of A Kitchen Suppression System

A bigger building or office will require a more advance system in place. One of the most popular system is the ANSUL R-102. It is considered to be extremely reputed and efficient when it comes to safeguarding your kitchen equipments from fire. No wonder, the ANSUL R-102 products are highly sought after and are usually the first choice for most people. Their installation and servicing must be carried out by an expert professional. An expert technician must possess the necessary expertise and experience. Their expertise ought to be based on extensive knowledge related to gas safety systems, used in the commercial catering markets.

The R-102 – Ensuring Business Continuity In Spite Of A Major Contingency!

If this system gets any indications of a fire, it will immediately release its suppressant agent. This suppressor will form a solid layer of enormous foam. The foam will then cut off any oxygen supply into the fire. Thus, it will be able to effectively extinguish out a fire in less than thirty seconds. Also, since the agents used dissolve quickly, the cleaning up time is confined to a bare minimum. In other words, business can be easily resumed as fast as possible.

Remember, ensuring quick business continuity is a crucial feature for a kitchen. Restaurants would not be able to run their business unless they provide and equip themselves to effectively handle these types of contingencies. The Ansul products are known to protect majority of commercial kitchens from fire, compared to any other brand.


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